Skip Hire Permits

When are Skip Hire Permits needed and how do I get one?

When ordering a skip, where it will be located is an important consideration.

In most instances it will be a simple answer: I’ll keep it on my drive.

But things can get a bit tricky when a driveway isn’t available.  In this instance, you may need a Skip Hire Permit.

Can I have a skip on the road?

The simple answer is yes – If you own the land or have the landowner’s permission then your skip can be placed on private land. 

The most common and easiest option is to use a front driveway – and as long as it is accessible for a skip lorry, enabling unimpeded access for delivery and collection to take place, all should be fine.

The biggest issues are cars blocking access to driveways and front gardens.  But with some sensible planning this can be easily overcome.

If you’re placing your skip on private land you do not need to worry about a permit.

Can I have a skip on the road?

If you don’t have sufficient space on a driveway or front garden (or don’t have one at all) then in some circumstances you can place a skip on the road/public highway. 

However, there are strict rules surrounding this that are set by individual local councils that you need to be aware of BEFORE ordering a skip.

  1. You will need a Skip Hire Permit.
    This is granted by the local authority and subject to their approval and T&Cs.
    Sadly there is a non-refundable fee involved in applying for a permit – the cost of which is set by the local authority (yes, you guessed it, it isn’t a standard fee and prices vary massively on a regional basis)

  2. Skips on the public highway must meet certain criteria as outlined in the permit. 
    Failure to follow these guidelines could result in further enforcement action from the local authority.  It is always the responsibility of the ‘hirer’ (this is the customer) and not the service provider to ensure the permit conditions are adhered to.

  3. Red-Routes can be problematic.
    Depending where you live, you may struggle to get a permit for a skip being placed on a ‘red route’ where parking restrictions apply.  All is not lost though if this is the case as we can offer potential solutions, so don’t be put off.

Whilst this sounds daunting – fear not, 123Skip Hire will take care of all this for you.  In fact, in many instances local authorities will only deal directly with skip hire companies rather than the general public when it comes to Skip Hire Permits.

So, if you are struggling for space, give our friendly team a call on 03330 156 527 and we can do the leg work for you!

Neither 123 Skip Hire, nor our supply partners, will be liable for any damage caused to private property by a skip being placed on private property so please take care and precautions if you feel your drive or land may be prone to damage.